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Herbal Extracts

Since 2002, Saico Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has provided the finest, all-natural Herb Extracts and time-honored herbal remedies that are formulated to maximize your good health right now and to maintain your best physical condition for many years to come. Natural Herb Extracts are highly demanded by our customers for their chief medicinal properties. We are regarded as one of the topmost Medicinal Herbal Extracts and Pure Herbal Extracts Exporters and Suppliers from India. We invite you to browse our comprehensive website and the extensive information we have carefully researched, in addition to our full line of quality, all-natural herbal products that are available to you. The Range of our Herbal Extracts is inclusive of Curcumin Extract and Garlic Extract.

Praised for
  • Maximizes good health
  • Boosts immunity
  • Several medicinal properties
  • Natural and safe

  • Colchicine BP / USP
  • Methoxsalen USP
  • Forskoslin 90%
  • Curcumin

Food Ingredients
  • Capsaicin Oleoresin 40%
  • Capsaicin Extract Powder 95% Pure
  • Curcuminoids 95% Pure

Natural Color
  • Curcumin
  • Red color
  • Annatto


List of Herbal Extracts

Herbal Name Botanical Name Standardisation Properties
Ashwagandha Standardized extract Withania somnifera 1.5% Withanoloids 5% Alkaloids Herbal adaptogen Indian Ginseng
Ashoka Standardized extract Saraca asoca 12:1 ratio Harmone balance
Aloe vera Standardized extract Aloe sp. Standard extract Detoxification
Amla Standardized extract Embelica officinalis 45% & above Rejuvenating agent
Andrographis paniculata Standardized extract Andrographis paniculata 8% & above Andrographoloides hepatoprotectant
Bael, Bilva Standardized extract Aegle marmelos 10:1 ratio Anti-parasitic
Boswellia Standardized extract Boswellia serrata 60% to 70% Boswellic organic acids Anti-arthritic Anti-inflammatory
Bahera Standardized extract Terminalia belerica 45% & above Tannins DetoxificationRejuvenating agent
Barberry Standardized extract Berberis aristata 15% Berberine Anti-parasitic
Bhringraj Standardized extract Eclipta alba 4 % & above Wadelactones Liver support Hair growth
Bacopa monmeri Standardized extract Bacopa Monniera 20% and 50% or more Bacosides Memory enhancer
Bitter melon Standardized extract Momardica Charantia 20% Bitters Sugar metabolism
Chirayata Standardized extract Swertia Bitters Liver support
Centella asiatica Standardized extract Centella asiatica 8% Triterpenes Skin health
Coleous Forskolli Standardized extract Coleus forskolli 8% Cardiotonic
Curcuma longa Pure curcumin 95% curcuminoids Antioxidant, Anti-vira Anti-inflammatory Anti-carcinogenic
Ginger Standardized extract Zingiber officinale 8% Gingereols Digestive support
Garciko Standardized extract Garcinia cambogia 50% HCA Blood weight management
Garlic Standardized extract Allium sativum 1% Cholesterol
Guduchi Standardized extract tinospora cordifolia Charantia Bitters Liver support
Green Tea Standardized extract Camellia sinensis 40% Catechins,75% Catechins <<2% caffeine) & 75% Catechins (regular) Antioxidant
Guggal Standardized extract Commipho ramukal 10% Gugguliped sterones Cholesterol management
Gymnema Standardized extract Gymnema Sylvestre 30% to 75% Gymnemic acids Anti-diabetic
Haritaki Standardized extract Terminala chebula 45% & above Tannins Laxative action Digestive
Holy basil, Tulsi Standardized extract Ocimum sanctum 12:1 ratio 2% or higher Ursolic acid Anti-viral Anti-diabetic. Stress management
Licorice Glycyrrhiza glabra 20% Glycyrrhizinic acid Expectorant
Mucuna (kunch) Standardized extract Mucuna pruriens 10%, 15% & above L-Dopas Nerve tonic Energy support
Mandistha Rubia cordifolia 10:1 ratio Renal support
Muira puama Standardized extract Muira puama 10:1 and 4:1 ratio General aphrordisiac
Neem Standardized extract Azadirachita indica 20% bitters Anti-fungal
Noni Standardized extract Morinda citrifolia 6: 1 ratio Immune support
Pipli, Long peeper Standardized extract Piper longum 20% Piperine Digestive support
Punarva Standardized extract Boerhavia diffusa 10: 1 ratio Liver support
Radish Standardized extract Raphanus sativus 20:1 ratio Liver support
Rubia cordifolia Standardized extract Rubia cordifolia 4: 1 Concentration Skin support
Saw palmetto Standardized extract Serenoa repens 25% to 80% Fatty sterols Prostate support
Sensitive Plant Standardized extract Mimosapudica 10:1 ratio Urinary support
Snake root Standardized extract Rauwolfia serpentina 8% Alkaloids Calming to nervous
Terminalia arjuna Terminalia Arjuna 1 % .A:rjunolic acid Circulatory support
Tylophora Standardized extract Tylophora indica 0,15% to 0.85 Tylophorine alkaloid Anti-asthmatic
Tribulus terrestris Standardized extract tribulus tE::rrestris 20% & above Saponins Muscle building anabolic alternative
Vasaka Standardized extract Vasaka 2% Vascine alkaloid Bronchial support
Valerian Standardized extract Valerian 0.8% Valerinic acids ep enhancer
Vijaysar Standardized extract Pterocarpus marsupium 12: 1 ratio Sugar metabolism


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Curcumin Extract

We are a major Curcumin Extract Exporter and Supplier in India.

  • Curcuma longa powder extract (standardized to pure curcumin 90 % by HPLC and NOT total curcuminoids)
  • Curcuma longa powder extract / granules (Total curcuminoids min. 95 %)
  • Curcuma longa powder extract 95 % - Ethanol extracted (no

Garlic Extract

We are a remarkable Garlic Extract Exporter and Supplier in India. The Garlic Extract, offered by us, has high therapeutic value. Our Garlic Extract helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood and stimulates blood circulation. We deliver our Garlic Extract in hygienic packaging material to ensure longer shelf